Come to us for knowledge and power!

Our Children’s program is designed to provide a myriad of benefits including focus, self-control, self-discipline, confidence, stamina and more. We impart practical concepts and principles of self-defense. Children are instructed that martial arts is not to be used for any other reason other than a last resort. We enforce good rules of behavior within the class and we expect our students to carry these principles both at home and in the class room.

Our Teen Program is designed for self-defense and fitness. With our program, teenagers will learn to set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. They are taught principles of respect and integrity and teamwork, ultimately helping them to become more confident, less aggressive while sharpening their reflexes and focus.

Our exciting adult class incorporates elements of Jujitsu, Kung fu, kickboxing and practical self-defense. You’ll have fun as you improve your flexibility, balance and overall fitness and learn to defend yourself.