About us

Why Ten Tigers?

Ten Tigers Martial Arts prides itself on teaching the most cutting-edge self-defense program in the Las Vegas Valley. Our Kempo system combines Karate, Kung-Fu, and Jujitsu into a highly adaptable style suited for any type of self-defense situation. We constantly hold seminars featuring the best martial arts instructors in Kempo Jitsu Kai, Shaolin Kempo, Filipino Martial Arts, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are available for Women’s Self Defense Seminars and group self-defense classes for schools, churches, and corporate functions.

Disciplines Offered

Kempo Karate – A well-rounded self-defense system that traces its roots back to Ancient China. Systemized in Hawaii under William “Thunderbolt” Chow, the art has flourished to 1000’s of schools across the world. Classes are offered 5 days a week under 6th-degree black belt Michael Hamm. Our Instructors lineage is Chow – Godin – Ferreira – Hamm.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Widely considered the most popular martial art in the world, BJJ came on the scene with the advent of no holds barred fighting. BJJ is a ground fighting system, similar to wrestling. In BJJ you will learn throws and submission techniques from 3rd-degree black belt Lalo Salazar. Our Instructors lineage is Ricardo Franjniha Miller – Walter “Cascao” Vital – Lalo Salazar
Filipino Martial Arts – FMA is based on knife, stick and sword techniques and defenses. Movies like “The Hunted” and TV shows like “Daredevil” and “Arrow” have featured this street effective martial art. Classes are offered every Wednesday at our Sahara location with Master Ariel Flores Mosses. Our Instructors lineage is:

  • Antonio Illustrisimo – Ricketts – Mosses
  • Conrad Manaois – Mosses
  • Edgar Sulite – MossesBrazilian Jiu-jitsu

Our Testimonials

Always Have Something Nice to Say About Us

Great Place to learn Martial Arts, Sensei Hamm Is one of the Mose knowledgable and professional instructors in Las Vegas. Great for all ages. I would highly recommend Ten Tigers Martial Arts, My Kids Love It.
- Rick S